Facts to know about Marine Air Conditioners

Published: 11th June 2012
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Outfitting your new boat with the latest gears is always thrilling and exciting task. It is a fun and adventure to choose the latest gear to ensure comfort and convenience. And when you want to have the highest technology and savviest styles in the latest innovative marine goods and gears you have to do a good research work to find out the best one for your yachts or boats. Marine air systems are specially manufactured to be used in mega yachts, Yachts, power boats, sailboats and cabin cruisers.

Facts to know about Marine Air Conditioners:

If you have a pre-conception that marine air-conditioners are used only for cooling air, you are mistaken. They play a big role in ensuring comfort and maintaining a pleasant on-board environment providing heating and cooling all year round. They also remove moisture from the air, prevent rot & mold, dampness, and control humidity. Therefore, if you are thinking that you do not need an AC for cooling as the temperature is not that warm, you need to think other factors like high humidity of air, too. This is why an air-conditioner is required in a boat or yacht not in the living spaces only but in the other parts too.

Once you have the need to have a marine ac, it is the time to decide which of the marine air systems will be the best for your needs. For this, the most important factor is the size of your boat or yacht. Since marine air conditioning uses water as cooling method rather than air, this makes it possible to have compact marine air conditioning unit which goes well to suit limited space on-board. If you have small boat or yacht, the self-contained system is the best option. These are of low cost and easy to install as well. For larger yachts split-gas air conditioning and chilled water systems are ideal.

Budget is always a big factor for every single purchase and marine air conditioner is not an exception. But since you are not going to purchase it very often keep it in mind that the cheap options may not be the best in quality always. Therefore, choose a system of high-quality that comes with innovative engineering so that it can work efficiently for a long time withstanding the tough marine environments. Consider the reputation of the brand and history of the manufacturer to choose the best.

High quality marine air conditioner ensures maximum performance and longevity and minimal maintenance. Maintenance of self-contained systems is easy, whereas, split-gas system takes extra efforts. For chilled water systems regular service is required as the system is more complex.

The marine air conditioners require alternating current (AC) power but the electrical consumption depends on the size of conditioner. You can have running current information from specification sheets as well as can have advice on how to select the proper circuit breaker.

When choosing the top quality marine air-conditioners, the latest systems from MarinAire can be ideal options. The latest series of air-conditioners from MarinAire come with extreme engineering with extraordinary features to fit into the smallest possible sizes. These compact and energy efficient conditioners ensure higher efficiency with low noise level.

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Sam Marin is an expert having an in depth knowledge of air condition systems including marine air conditioners and accessories. He works as a consultant for installations of marine air systems in many ships and cruisers.

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