Great Performance on HTML5 Physics Game ‘Save Papa’

Published: 21st May 2012
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In the past decade online games have been very popular among netizens and with the invasion of mobile devices like smartphones playing games has emerged as one of the most favorite pass times these days. Android, iOS are some of the leading mobile phone operating systems used widely. In these platforms also games like puzzle games, casual games are very popular. Playing games in these platforms are gaining popularity and thus today these platforms demand graphics similar to web standard.

In the age of evolution of language for presenting content in web HTML5 is the latest version. According to new report from that claims to be “first-ever report on the technology’s performance on top smartphones and tablets” Android might be most popular mobile browser but when it comes to HTML5 performance Apple’s iOS is the best.

Most of the HTML5 games are powerful enough not only to create fun but also equally addictive. Being an open source and completely free it is very popular among the developers to create fantastic and amazing games. For example NTFusion has created series of amazing puzzle games like ‘Save Papa’ and bunch of other casual games that can be played for absolutely free. This is because HTML5 is free thereby allowing developers to let gamers play their game for free without compromising quality at all.

In the recent times Facebook as well as major carriers along with the backing of OEM HTML5 has been gaining solid ground as a practicable technology to support rich mobile applications on many popular platforms of today. Many had suspected that HTML5 might throw wrench in Apple’s search to be a dominant mobile platform. But according to spaceport’s “PerfMarks report” the iOS devices as well as the browsers that includes iPhone, iPad and Safari surpassed its Android competitors when it came to rendering movement on-screen.

Spaceport tested each of the ability of the device to support HTML5 games by first and foremost analyzing the image movement capabilities measuring number of moving images on screen at 30 frames per second.

The company found that iOS devices like iPhone 4S and iPad2 had high score that successfully handled more than 200 moving objects and more than 300 moving objects. This is also the point where iPad 2 ranked as the best device for HTML5 games as well as apps performance leaving behind all the Android powered devices that were included in this test.

The report also revealed that among the Android powered devices that were tested Android Galaxy Nexus had the capability to maintain more than one moving object on screen which was an average of 100 images. The rest of the Android phones like Droid 2 had to struggle to handle single image at 30 frames-per-second. The Droid 2 ranked even below the oldest iPhone that handled 53 moving objects at 30 frames per second.

Though most of the Android powered tablets feature powerful hardware, most of it performed poorly. Although it was found that Galaxy Tab and Asus Eee Pad Transformer “performed moderately well”, but they had limited animation techniques like css2dimg and css3dbackground.

In conclusion the report said both the latest updates on Apple as well as Android i.e, iOS 5.0 and Android 4.0 have “registered massive improvements” as well as in image-movement abilities since its latest versions. The report also noted that Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has made the devices “much more viable environment for HTML5 development”

Thus, developers who are building HTML5 games like NTFusion’s “Save PAPA” will definitely feel encouraged to develop more games based on this platform. Based on this report it can be said definitely that for great performance of ‘Save PAPA’ it can be played on iOS powered devices for amazing experience.

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Nick R has been related with NTFusion for a long period that shares and makes great casual games. All the offered casual games are well-chosen to ensure that gamers have the best online game experience and are updated every day.

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